Career Talks

Every semester we collaborate with the Office of Career Services (OCS) to bring in companies who are spceifically interested in grad students.

Past Career Talks

2017 Nov 15

Misubishi Engineering Research Lab Visit

(All day)

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL) hosted an open house for graduate+ students interested in internships, post-docs, and research scientist positions. The event featured demos & short presentations in thier main areas of research: algorithms, multimedia, electronics, communications, computer vision, speech processing, optimization, machine learning, data analytics, mechatronics, dynamics, control, and robotics. MERL is a high impact publication-oriented research lab with very extensive internship and university collaboration programs.
2018 Feb 06

Intel Tech Talk and Recruiting

(All day)

Around 100 students and postdocs joined SEAS-GC and Intel for a presentation on leading-edge silicon technology development and learnt about immediate, full-time openings at Intel. Pizza and light refreshments were provided by Intel. After the talk, students were invited to network with the presenter and had the chance to drop off their resumes with the Intel campus recruiter. They invited selected students for an interview on the following day.


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2018 Feb 14

BASF Lunch Talk

(All day)

Around 50 students joined us for a lunch talk by BASF, which is the largest chemical company worldwide, one of the biggest wine sellers in Germany, and much more. We hear about BASF from the head of the North American Center for Research on Advanced Materials (NORA). A recent hire informed us about the BASF Leadership Development Program which is a high-level rotational program for Ph.D. scientists. Hot lunch, branded water bottles, and yummy chocolate hearts made this talk even more enjoyable. Love goes through the stomach, especially on Valentine’s Day. Thanks BASF!


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