How does the SEAS-GC fit in with the other councils on campus?

Differences between GSC, SEAS-GC and HGPSG

  • SEAS-GC: SEAS specific graduate student council; tries to unite all areas within SEAS and acts as the liaison between graduate students, SEAS administration, and the wider Harvard community.
  • GSC: The graduate student council serving and representing all graduate students at Harvard (who are affiliated with GSAS), but not professional students (such as M.D., J.D., MBA, etc.). PhD students in professional schools are considered to be under GSC.
  • HGPSG (Harvard Graduate and Professional Student Government): The Harvard-wide council serving and representing all graduate and professional students in Harvard to administration.

Who are the GSC Representatives from SEAS?

2016-2017 Academic Year:

  • Applied Math (1/1 Reps)
    • Matheus Fernandes
  • Applied Physics (3/3 Reps)
    • Mena Gadalla
    • Andrew Greenspon
    • Kevin Tian
  • Bioengineering (2/2 Reps)
    • Nicole Black
    • Blakely O'Connor
  • Computer Science (2/3 Reps)
    • Paul Tylkin
    • Emma Alexander
    • [Position Open]
  • Computational Science and Engineering (0/2 Reps)
    • [Position Open]
    • [Position Open]
  • Electrical Engineering (1/2 Reps)
    • Alperen Degirmenci
    • [Position Open]
  • Environmental Science and Engineering (0/1 Reps)
    • [Position Open]
  • Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering (2/2 Reps)
    • Clark Teeple
    • Nikolaos Vasios
  • At-Large Rep (1/1 Reps)
    • Blakely O'Connor

A list of our representatives can also be found here: http://gsc.fas.harvard.edu/find-your-representatives


Please contact us at seas-gc@seas.harvard.edu for more information.