About Us

Mission Statement

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Graduate Council (SEAS-GC) provides an opportunity for SEAS graduate students in all area disciplines to be involved in our growing community. The SEAS-GC’s main purpose is to foster community, to encourage student engagement on both an academic and personal level, and to act as a liaison between graduate students, administration, and the wider Harvard community.

What We Do:

The SEAS-GC holds many social events throughout the year, organizes events for the Admitted Student Open House and Orientation, and holds town hall meetings for the student body. We work to address any issues within the SEAS graduate student body and relay information between the student body and administration.


    Who We Are:

    Concentration Liaisons:

    • Applied Physics: Kevin Tian
    • Bioengineering: John Ahrens
    • Computer Science: Brian Matejek
    • Environmental Engineering: Position Open!
    • Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering: Clark Teeple
    • Applied Mathematics: Position Open!
    • Electrical Engineering: Position Open!
    • Computational Science and Engineering (masters): Position Open!
    • Masters in Design Engineering (MDE): Julian Siegelmann

    If interested, please contact us! :)