About Us

Mission Statement

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Graduate Council (SEAS-GC) provides an opportunity for SEAS graduate students in all area disciplines to be involved in our growing community. The SEAS-GC’s main purpose is to foster community, to encourage student engagement on both an academic and personal level, and to act as a liaison between graduate students, administration, and the wider Harvard community.

What We Do:

The SEAS-GC holds a variety of events throughout the year:

We also have also helped create programs and organizations to improve student life:

  • InTouch, a grassroots organization supporting the mental health and wellness of SEAS grad students.
  • several smaller projects like the SEAS research exchange 

In addition to student-focused activities, we also work to address any issues within the SEAS graduate student body and relay information between the student body and administration.



Governing Documents


This definines who we are, they types of activities we support, our general model for getting involved, and some other administrative things.


These lay out our values, what we stand for, and how these manifest themselves in how we operate.



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