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Learn about the SEAS-GC at our Info Session

With the semester beginning, we will be holding an info session for everyone to learn about the SEAS-GC! We will discuss what we do, why we do it, and how YOU can get involved!

Session is on Monday, Sept. 9, 6-7pm, MD119.
It's open to all SEAS grad students, and dinner will be provided!

Welcome back!

Well, the school year is about to begin. What better way to start an exciting new semester than a Barbeque!

The SEAS-GC proudly presents a Back-To-School Barbeque on the lawn in front of Pierce Hall! Enjoy some great food, drinks, lawn games, and music. And the main event: catch up with your SEAS friends!

Food is served starting around 5:00pm. See the...

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Professional Development Lecture Series: Effective Communication - Jean-luc Doumont

Clear, Accurate, Concise Writing

Wed, Jan 17, 2018
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Jefferson 250       [directions]

Most writing classes approach clarity, accuracy, conciseness through style, yet subjective arguments such as “it’s nicer” seldom convince researchers, who wonder what, specifically, is nicer about it. Approaching effective writing from structure, not style, this lecture...

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SEAS Research Exchange - PLEASE JOIN!

The SEAS Graduate Council (SEAS-GC) has just launched a new initiative called the SEAS Research Exchange. This is a mailing list for two things:

  1. Exchanging expertise. (Example: Are you a bioengineer who has a question about MATLAB's Machine Learning toolbox? Are you a mechanics theorist who needs help designing and building an experimental setup?)
  2. Exchanging resources. (Example: Need to borrow some servomotors or Arduino shields? Need to use a centrifugal mixer, laser interferometer, or mass spectrometer...
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