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(If you're interested, send us an email at and feel free to drop by a meeting!)


SEAS CAT Listings

(Clark Teeple)
This is a site designed to mitigate our ongoing TF and CA allocation problem. Instructors can post listings with important information about thier open TF/CA positions. Students can peruse these listings, find courses they are interested in teaching, and contact the instructor (or a secondary contact) through email. We are currently in beta-testing in SEAS, rolling it out for the Fall 2017 round of TF appointments. Check it out HERE!


Career and Academic Talk Series:

(Andrea Weber  &  Bram Maasakkers)
Aims to enhance research and presentation skills and build a more collaborative community among SEAS graduate students. Be sure to check events page for details on upcoming seminars in the series!


Graduate Student Academic Survey:

(Siyi Xu  &  Yashraj Narang)
Aims to collect opinions from students on all major aspects of academic life at SEAS. The survey would assess student satisfaction with classes, TF appointments, research, and professional development opportunities, as well as evaluate student-student relationships, student-advisor relationships, and student-administration interactions. The surveys would be anonymized to protect student privacy. The results would be made available to all members of SEAS and would be the subject of a town-hall discussion with the new dean, Frank Doyle, with the goal of effecting positive changes in academic life.



(Tobias Egle)


SEAS Research Forum

(Yashraj Narang)
This is a mailing list for researchers at SEAS to ask questions, share knowledge, and lend/borrow research equipment. Take a look HERE and sign up today!


Community Sevice:

(Clark Teeple)


Social Events:

(Fionnuala Connolly)



SEAS-GC Website:

(Clark Teeple  &  Alperen Degirmenci)




Aims to recruit SEAS students interested in participating and joining in the SEAS-GC efforts. Please contact us at if you want to get involved!